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Answering questions about your policy and providing guidance through the claim process. Follow the links below to find the help you need.

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Are you an Everlake® customer and need assistance?

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Allstate Agents & Independent Allstate Agents with Products at TAG

  • Basic Term
  • TrueFit Term
  • TrueTerm
  • The Level Best Term / Guaranteed Term family of products
  • Annuitized deferred annuities and single 
premium immediate annuities (SPIAs).

Allstate Agents:

Active and vested Allstate Agents wanting to service policies and contracts administered by Transaction Applications Group, Inc. (TAG) or access other information available within the Everlake Agent Portal can log on to the portal by clicking the button below.

Access Everlake Allstate Agent Portal

Independent Allstate Agents:

Independent Agents who need to service policies and contracts adminstered by TAG should email their requests to: ELAgentCustomerService@

Allstate Agents & Independent Allstate Agents with Products at Allstate

Agents needing assistance on Everlake products not referenced above can obtain information by contacting Allstate at

Non-Allstate Agents

Non-Allstate Agents who need to service Annuity products should contact Transaction Applications Group, Inc. (TAG) using the emails below.

Everlake Life Insurance Company:

Lincoln Benefit Life Company & Surety Life Insurance Company: ELAgentCustomerService@

For assistance with Life Insurance products please contact Allstate at

A Frequently Asked Questions document is provided below to assist Non-Allstate Agents with questions they may have.

Non-Allstate Agent FAQ