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Working towards a better world

We are passionate about making the world a better place while we provide excellent service to our policyholders and drive consistent long-term returns for our investors. So far, Everlake® has supported several causes, including providing assistance to those affected by the war in Ukraine, planting trees for Earth Day and addressing food insecurity in local communities and will continue to support community causes.

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Our Environmental Commitments are to maintain or improve energy efficiency, minimizing waste from our offices and facilities, and promote awareness of environmental matters. We implemented energy-efficient practices and an office waste management program. We believe efficiencies in energy consumption and minimizing waste is environmentally responsible and contributes to a more sustainable business model.

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Our Social Commitments are focused on fostering an inclusive work culture, investing in our employees, and supporting our policyholders and local communities. Everlake® believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical to the success of our business by incorporating different viewpoints and perspectives into our decision-making processes to achieve better results. We are focused on advancing both the gender and racial/ethnic diversity of our workforce and our leadership team, with equitable compensation across all groups. We invest in our local community, as we believe that supporting our local community is not only socially responsible but also contributes to our long-term business success by creating a more stable and prosperous environment.

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Our Governance commitments include a robust code of conduct applicable to our Board, management, and employees. We communicate our code of conduct annually to help prevent violations and to encourage our employees to act with integrity. We are also working with key vendors to ensure they have strong codes of conduct in place for themselves and their suppliers.

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