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Working towards a better world

We are passionate about making the world a better place while we provide excellent service to our policyholders and drive consistent long-term returns for our investors. So far in 2022, Everlake® has supported a number of causes (including providing assistance to those affected by the war in Ukraine and addressing food insecurity in local communities) and will continue to support community causes.  As our ESG policies, targets, progress, and achievements continue to unfold, we will post about them here. Watch this space to learn more about our ESG initiatives and successes.

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In our first year, we are benchmarking our energy use and calculating our carbon footprint across our company, and we are taking steps to ensure that our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are at least 15% lower than the average for comparable companies within our first three years of operation. We are purchasing ENERGY STAR® certified equipment, when applicable, and are working to achieve ENERGY STAR Tenant Space recognition for our offices. We are also developing an ESG policy to guide our future decisions related to energy, water, waste, and emissions.

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Everlake® believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical to the success of our business, incorporating different viewpoints and perspectives into our decision-making processes to achieve better results. We are establishing policies to advance both the gender and racial/ethnic diversity of our workforce and our leadership team, with equitable compensation across all groups.

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Everlake® has a robust code of conduct applicable to our Board, management, and employees. We are also working with key vendors to ensure they have strong codes of conduct in place for themselves and their suppliers.

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